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We try to anticipate questions you might have about our Program and provide answers to some of the most commonly asked questions. If you need additional information email us at infohdds@gmail.com

I have heard Guatemala is dangerous?

We have been to Guatemala over 35 times since 2012. The locations we go to are “Tourist” areas and are as safe as your hometown. We do take normal precautions such as travel in groups and stay in an incredible hotel. Our sponsor stated “The last people the Guatemalans want to cause trouble for are the Americans and Canadians.” 

Is the food and water safe to consume?

We stay in a hotel that prepares the food to the same standards that you expect in your hometown. We recommend that you only drink water from a source that is known to be purified and bottled water is readily available.

How many implants will I place?

This course is designed to make the doctor competent in the implant process not add up the implants that you place. We know that a doctor that jams in 20 or 30 implants without understanding the process is anything but competent. You will treat the patients as if they were in your own office. You will also have 5 implants to place after each class on your actual patients in your office. No one else does that. 

Do I have to bring any equipment or materials to the class?

All of the equipment and expendables are provided. We will ask that you bring the implant engine that you get at the first class back with you for each session. Each doctor should bring their own scrubs. If you normally wear loops and lights you should bring them. If you have special PPE requirements, consult the teaching team.